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A Really Wide Shot

Updated: May 12, 2020

In an earlier blog, What is Convergence? I discussed how the 17 mm tilt-shift lens eliminates vertical distortion. Let's take the same lens and turn the shift feature to the horizontal position so the lens moves side to side. A wide panorama shot includes more of the subject in the photo than the standard 3:2 ratio you see for normal lenses. This brings more into the composition showing more of the subject and a better composition.

Three photos... left, center and right. The center photo shows the limits of the 17mm.

The editing software seamlessly stitches the 3 photos together for a really wide shot. This takes the 17 mm and renders a panorama as if it were taken with an 8 mm lens without the distortion.

This technique works great for interior shots which includes more detail and adds more to the composition...

Left Photo

Center Photo

Right Photo

And look what it does for Landscapes...

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