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Architecture Photography Interiors - Flash/Ambient Blend Technique

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

How many times have you heard someone complain that the photos taken don't look like what is seen in person. In my humble opinion, the Flash/Ambient blend technique is the only way to make photos look more like what the human eye sees by blending one ambient shot with one or more flashed shots.. the final image is stunning.

The Ambient Shot

This ambient photo demonstrates that the camera CANNOT see nearly as well as the human eye can. There are several light sources with different color temperatures, plus the mix of all of the colors as the light bounces around. This confuses the camera resulting in an ugly, inaccurate photo. This shot is stacked on top of other shots in final editing.

The Flashed Shot

A flash was set near the camera pointing at the ceiling. We begin to see the color correction.

The Window Pull

The settings need adjusting to properly expose for the outside.


Blending the previous three shots makes the final photo. The ambient shot is critical to revealing the natural light sources and shading, and eliminates any 'flashy' areas. It also polished the floor and furniture bringing everything to life.

-One more series-

The Ambient Shot

As used in the previous series...

The Flashed Shot

We begin to correct the color problem with a flash, but the outside certainly needs attention.

The 'Window Pull'

This shot properly exposes the exterior.

The Final Shot

As if you were there...

This process works for any interior photos and is ideal for any marketer that wants to draw attention to their space. The hotel is looking to show the experience so the viewer books their stay, the Realtor wants to show the selling features of the property and the Architect and interior designer wants perpetuity...

Doug Stevens

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