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How to Prepare for your Business Portrait

-Plan Ahead-

  • Dress comfortably so that you are relaxed and confident, and have the image you want to project in mind. We will pose you in several positions so you have a variety of photos for you to choose your final(s) from.

  • If a Marketing Department or Company is involved, find out if they have any requirements and forward those to us prior to the session. We may want to contact someone directly should we have any questions.

  • If electing our standard grey background, dress with contrasting colors. A grey suit may blend with the grey background, so try to select blues, blacks, burgundies, greens... If electing another background, we are happy to discuss what colors would work best.


Grooming for Men’s Portraits

  • It is recommended that you get a haircut about a week before the session.

  • Be sure to be freshly shaven that day.

  • Don’t be afraid to have light makeup applied by a professional.

Clothing for Men’s Portraits

  • A solid or pin-stripe usually looks best, or suits/jackets with texture. Try to avoid loud or distracting colors and patterns.

  • If you wear a tie, a contrasting color shows great in photos.

  • Wear a full suit in case pants show in a group photo or full body shot.

  • Make sure the jacket fits well, not too tight or too loose. Most of the photos will be taken with the top button, buttoned so the lapels stay straight.

  • Shirt should fit comfortably, as well. If you're wearing a tie, make sure to wear a shirt with a fitted neck so the tie and the shirt are snug, not tight, around your neck.


Grooming for Women’s Portraits

  • If you need your hair done, plan for in advance.

  • Makeup should be similar to what you normally have on for daytime, in front of clients. Shiny face makeup may look great in person, but might cause a glare from the studio lights. Be sure to apply powder for a more matted finish, which usually shows better skin tones and texture.

  • Manicure your hands in case your hands show.

Clothing for Women’s Portraits

  • A nice blouse, dress or suit with solid colors works best. Try to avoid loud and distracting colors and patterns. A multicolored scarf can add a nice splash.

  • Avoid sleeveless tops or tops showing cleavage.

  • Minimal to moderate jewelry for minimal distraction.


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