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Let there be light!

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Quality photos need good lighting, whether it's direct or indirect. In most cases, exterior photography requires a sunny or partly cloudy day. The photos below, taken one year apart and at similar times of the day, are a perfect example of why.

Charlotte Convention Center

The colors we see, come from white light. When sunlight travels through clouds, the light is stripped of most of its colors. That's why the colors in this photo appear dingy and washed out.

In this picture, the colors are accurate and the Architectural details are more prominent. And who doesn't like a deep blue sky to compliment a structure?

The shot needs to be planned based on where the direction of the front of the building is facing. There are other considerations for a successful series of photos... To learn more, email Doug Stevens or call 704-773-0545


What is Photo Convergence?

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