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Real Estate Photography - a Disturbing Trend

Updated: May 5

I see what looks like a disturbing trend... In about a 60 day period this past summer I heard of 3 owners who rejected the agents' photos and hired their own photographers to provide photos for their listings. They rejected the agents' photos because of poor quality and thought what was submitted would not represent the house well, and would not draw the desired clientele. Another owner told an agent that before he signed with her, he wanted her to seek another photographer because the one she uses was not up to their standards.

Not only is the photo quality suffering, the presentation is also. There is another trend I believe is headed the wrong direction. Instead of showing an ample number of photos to give the buyer an accurate feel for the property, agencies are now only showing 1 to 4 highlight photos. But there is plenty of text describing how beautiful the property is.

So let's get that wife and husband team excited about your property with impressive photos. Contact me (Doug) at or call me 704-773-0545.

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