• Douglas Stevens

Real Estate Photography - The Psychology of Attraction

The Psychology of Attraction states that if you see a person or object that you find attractive, you experience a physiological reaction. Your eyes dilate and you secrete endorphins thus feeling pleasure. The opposite is true, if you see something displeasing then you are likely to look away.

This certainly applies to Real Estate Photos as proven by Nathan Cool of Nathan Cool Photography, who studied this phenomenon in California. He looked at closings and how the quality of photo influenced time on the market and retainage of the asking price. He rated the photos 1 as poor quality and 5 as Architecture Digest quality. The photos of the properties that were rated 4 & 5 were sold much more quickly and retained much higher percentage of the asking price. So that begs the question: Does higher quality photos attract a higher quality and more qualified buyer?

Doug Stevens




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