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Real Estate Photography-What's Included?

Updated: Feb 8

Pricing includes: Sky Swaps, TV swaps, High-Res, Community

Sky Swaps

With the fast response quick turnaround, catching the property with the right sky can be a challenge. Even a blue sky can be improved.


TV Swaps

Reflections from an idle TV can be distracting. To solve that issue and to make the space look more interesting, a common practice is to add a soft gradient as shown in the second photo or the third photo shows that any jpg can be dropped in which can add color and more interest.

Soft Gradient



Community Photos

The buyer wants to envision themselves enjoying family time at the pool and any other amenities that may be available to them.


High Resolution Jpegs

All photos will be delivered as High Res Jpegs that can be printed large for flyers and billboards.

Real Estate Photography for MLS and Commercial Properties, with rapid response and quick turnarounds, serving the Charlotte Metro Area.

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