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Doug Stevens

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Ada Stevens

The SnapHappy Photos Experience


Now, as photographers in Charlotte, Ada and Doug have permanently relocated SnapHappy Photos' operations from Miami. They have enjoyed over 13  years of success helping people, organizations and events build a better brand for themselves and their companies with high quality photos. They look forward to building new relationships and capturing the beauty of the Queen's City.


Their passion is to provide the highest quality product and service, delivering high resolution photos of your session or your event. 


SnapHappy Photos will serve, as their primary markets, Event Photography, Business Headshots, Architecture Photography, Food Photography, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Family Portraits and Weddings and Engagements.


Whether they bring the studio to you, as in the case of Business Portraits, or shooting on location, they promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


 Let them prove to you their Motto:

"...totally focused on you..."  because they are not the focus of your event - YOU are!; 704-773-0520; 704-773-0545 

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