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Architecture Photography

Doug’s greatest photography passion is Architecture Photography which he believes is such a fascinating field that allows him to capture the beauty and unique designs of each structure. He strongly believes that the photos should express the emotions that the Architect intended to express.


Using composites for interior photography is a technique to ensure that the lighting and color are perfectly balanced throughout the image. He produces ‘as if you were there’ images so the photos are as accurate as possible.


When it comes to exterior photography, he understands that the photos of the structure needs to be harmoniously blended with the surrounding environment, again as the Architect designed for. He has also developed a technique to do sky swaps should the day of the shoot be hazy.

ECG Eastern Standard-1363.jpg
Interior Design & Remodel
Hyatt Centric Southpark.jpg
arch exter skyswap 6.jpg
5507 Fenway Dr-5220.jpg
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