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Interior Design & Remodel

Interior Design photography has it’s own unique requirements. Spaces are intentionally designed to evoke an emotion derived from a close relationship with the designer’s client. Each design is unique and of its own, spaces that resonate with harmony, aesthetics and functionality. .


It is the photographer’s responsibility to capture that emotion by not only photographing the overall composition but also zeroing in on the finer details and nuances which makes each project unique. This requires a strong collaboration between the designer and the photographer.


Doug Stevens has more than 12 years of experience in Architecture Photography. He not only understands this collaboration, but also produces as-if-you-were-there photos with an artistic touch. His technique renders clear, sharp, properly exposed images along with the proper composition that groups the important elements together. They are color accurate which is extremely important to convey the harmonies of colors and textures. He delivers high-resolution photos that can be printed large or for publication.


For consultation and pricing, contact Doug:; c-704-773-0545

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