Real Estate Photography
The goal of a Real Estate Photographer should be to show photos from the buyers' perspective which should emphasize the selling features of the home. A well stylized composition of furniture and accessories is certainly an added plus, however, should not be the emphasis. 
I use a blend of ambient and flashed photos that renders a more realistic image, more like the human eye sees. I also use a technique that accurately captures any outside views coming from windows and openings. 
Listings with higher quality photos sell faster and also retain more of the asking price than low quality photos. Lower quality photos do not show accurate colors and are often grainy, making it harder for the buyer to distinguish the correct color and the subtle nuances of light.  
Real Estate original sky
Real Estate sky swap copy
Real Estate Interiors--2
Real Estate Interiors-8103
Real Estate Interiors-7912
Real Estate Interiors--10
Real Estate Interiors--9
Real Estate Interiors--8
Real Estate Interiors--7
Real Estate Interiors--6
Real Estate Interiors--5
Real Estate Interiors-
Real Estate Interiors--4
Real Estate Interiors--3
Daniel 3001 South Ave day 1--3
Daniel 3001 South Ave day 1--2
Daniel 3001 South Ave day 1-
Daniel 3001 South Ave day 1-0917
Daniel 3001 South Ave day 1-0963
Daniel 3001 South Ave day 1--8
Daniel 3001 South Ave day 1--6
6104 White Store Pageland Rd-4429
6104 White Store Pageland Rd-4419
Real Estate Interior-0834