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Gala Photography - Dr. Badia and who's the monkey?

Dr. Alejandro Badia is considered the best shoulder to hand surgeon in Florida, Southeast, Carribean... keep going. He has had 2 of his own shoulder surgeries and was awake to instruct the doctors what to do that were operating on him.

Three backstories:

1) I became Dr. Badia's patient when I broke my hand in 2017 which he brilliantly mended without surgery. I had taken a number of photos of him, Miss Venezuela, the Monkey and others at the Doral Business Council Gala in 2014. When he came into the examination room, I showed him the photo above and asked him if he remembered. He said, "Are you kidding? Half of the screensavers in my office have this photo on it".

2) Does anyone recognize the guy on the right? It's Doc from Tiger King! The DBC hired him to bring the Monkey to the reception as a surprise for the guests.

3)And the blonde? Doc's wife.


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