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Interior Design Photography- know the professional difference, bar none.

Interior Design photography has it's own special requirements. Not only do you want to show a nice composition, but you also want to focus in on the details that are important to the designer's work. It's imperative that the photos be clear, focused, geometrically correct and color accurate. Certainly avoid dreamy, glaring photos because they do not accurately depict the work. Good photos are viewed longer which increases the chances the viewer will contact you for a consultation.

The image below was important to the countertop supplier/installer to show the polish, straight lines and accurate colors while showing a warm feel with the composition around it.

Notice the great job the installer did in building this step in the countertop... another important feature the supplier/installer wanted to capture.

Another detail the client wanted to capture... how they perfectly married 3 pieces together at the corner!

Doug Stevens is Hyatt Approved and Sotheby's Preferred, his passion is anything Architecture. Having over 13 years of experience, he understands how important it is that the photos express the emotions that the designer intended to express.

If you want to attract more attention to your site and convert more visitors, contact Doug for consultation and pricing.

Doug Stevens


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