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-What to expect from a Professional Business Portrait Session with SnapHappy Photos-

Do you have a fear of having your photo taken? Do you think you are NOT photogenic? Then you are not alone. Many people are terrified and uncomfortable in front of a camera. We find that typically it's because the subject is used to how they see themselves in a ‘selfie’. When we take a handful of shots with our high-end professional camera and lens and show the photos to the subject, we typically see excitement and relief..

Why a Professional Business Portrait?-

All marketing types agree that your business portrait is the first look into the personal side of your business. Your portrait is also an essential part of you and your staff's branding along with branding the business. If a low quality photo is used, viewers may associate that quality with your business.

-What to Expect at your photo session-

Whether you have your photos taken in front of a gray background, use your business space, or if you prefer an outdoor setting, we will photograph you in a variety of poses to find that look that will flatter you most. The goal is to make you look approachable, intelligent, friendly and knowledgeable. We can photograph you chest-up, waist-up or full-body.

Change of Background- This photo was taken in front of a grey background. The wood wall was inserted from another photo to help enhance the black & white effect.

Your Options:

Option 1:: We schedule, on a limited basis, a series of private sessions located in a convenient spot and waive the session fee. Emal

or call 704-773-0520 to learn more about our current session.

Option 2: We can bring the studio to you. If you prefer not to travel or wish to use the setting of your preference, we will bring the necessary lighting and equipment. Email for pricing and scheduling.

Other Blogs & Links-

Proofs & Retouching-

After some initial editing, we will send you a private link to view your proofs so that you can pick your final(s). The digital camera may pick up details not apparent in person, so we will then ‘retouch’ the final photos, removing or neutralizing any distracting blemishes, pigmentation, flyaway hair, teeth whitening, etc... We then add a skin-softening technique to enhance your skin tones. Our goal is not to change your looks, but to enhance them.

Group Shots-

Many times when we have taken individual shots, we will also take groups of 2 or more using the work space or outdoors as a background. .

Photo Delivery-

When the retouching is finished, we will deliver high resolution jpgs via Dropbox, or

your preference. These jpgs can be used to print large while maintaining the highest quality.

See! Wasn’t that painless?


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