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Golf Tournament Photography - comprehensive coverage

Whether it's a charitable event, a round robin or a corporate outing, SnapHappy Photos can capture the fun and the intensity of competition at your next golf event. Doug Stevens has played golf most of his life and understands safety and etiquette as he proceeds through the course. SHP can offer printing foursomes and a fun photo slideshow onsite in time for your banquet. They also offer a hosted gallery that can be shared with all attendees.


Photographing all of the foursomes is a given for any golf tournament. This is when guys want to have their photo taken... with their buddies. The photos can be printed on site, inserted into photo folder or frame, then distributed prior to the banquet. These photos can also be made available on an on line gallery that the golfers can download their foursome and action shots.

Action Shots-

The camera should never snap in anyone's back swing. Ask John Daly, professional golfer. A few years ago, someone in the gallery clicked in his back swing, he lost his concentration and when he tried to stop the club, he wrenched his back and had to bow out of the tournament.

So for action shots, the photographer should catch the ball as it comes off of the club face so as not to disrupt the golfer's concentration. Many charity tournaments are for fun, however, there are always serious golfers on the course.

Then there's the registration, entertainment, banquet, food, wildlife, awards...

Printing on site-

A great memento that usually winds up in the golfers office. SnapHappy Photos utilizes a high speed portable printer that produces very high quality prints. Typically, after all of the groups have been photographed, the images are quickly edited on a laptop, printed, then inserted into a photo folder (below) or a frame provided by a sponsor. They are then distributed to the golfers at the banquet. Note that a sponsor's logo can be inserted as shown.

Photo slideshow-

Some banquets want a photo slideshow which is typically made on site after all of the photos have been taken on the course. On the right is a sample slideshow, speed and transitions can vary.

Photo Gallery-

After all of the photos have been edited, a photo gallery can be set up that the link can be given to the golfers, sponsors, etc... at no extra charge, where the golfers can view and download their images. To see how that works, go to Sandbox 2020 Golf Fore Carre Tournament

For information and pricing email or call 704-773-0545


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